I can do better

5. července 2009 v 11:06 | **AvRiL** |  The Best Damn Thing
I couldnt give a damn what you say to me
I dont really care what you think of me
Cause either way you're gonna think what you believe
There's nothing you could say that would hurt me
I'm better off without you anyway
I thought it would be hard but I'm ok
I dont need you if youre gonna be that way
Cause with me it's all or nothing
I'm sick of it uhh dont deny
You're a waste of time
I'm sick of it uhh
Don't ask why
I Hate you now
So go away from me
You're gone
So long
I can do better
I can do better
Hey you
I found myself again
Thats why
I can do better
I can do better


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